About Us

The program of instruction at Vermont Soccer School reflects our philosophy that players learn best by playing, not by watching. We emphasize small group instruction with constant feedback and opportunities to improve. Skills are introduced in a 'non-pressure' situation, and gradually pressure is increased to game situations. We believe that we can challenge the players to do their best, while at the same time, realizing that enjoyment of the task is the best guarantee of success.

We offer specialized goalie instruction from top-rated coaches and college-type workouts for those older players looking for college exposure and work ethics. 



Our goal is to develop both an understanding and passion for the game of soccer in every player. Our experienced and friendly staff is committed to creating a safe, enjoyable and exciting environment in which all level of players can improve and develop. Players of similar skill levels are grouped together to maximize the experience of success for all. 

We boast certified athletic trainers on staff 24 hours per day, and close proximity to a hospital should the need arise. 


Vermont Soccer School has a tradition of serving the game and the youth in Vermont.

If you have questions, we urge you to speak to someone who has attended. Our experience speaks for itself.